4 exceptional champions challenge you for our 17th international open!


Anastasia Savina

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13 décembre 2020

For these 4 exceptional simuls that will mark the special edition of our open the time control is 1h30 for the grandmaster and 30 min for each of his 20 opponents (with the increment of
10 sec/move).

80 lucky ones will be able to face one of these 4 champions: 20 places per simul.

The selection of the 20 opponents will be done by mixing the Elos, from 1000 to 2300 maximum.

Join the “Open de Vandoeuvre 2020” team now via this link: https://lichess.org/team/open-de-vandoeuvre-2020 (if you don’t have an account on Lichess, you have to create one first for free and log in with it).

ATTENTION: Do not forget to write in the “message” field your real Name and Surname, as well as your FFE license code, or FIDE ID number. French players without the FFE license can contact us by email to openvandoeuvre@gmail.com

Later on you can enter the tournament or the simul of your choice when the appropriate links are created.

See you soon


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