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Matthieu Pourquet

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6 octobre 2015

Interclub 2015 2016 R1 002

Friday, September 25, HQ of Vandoeuvre failures:

"My colonel, you wanted to see me? ''

_ Yes, Captain potato. There is a problem for the first round of the interclub.

_ I see… It's the same every year. In addition, with five teams involved, which both in R1, we will have even more difficult to find available players… But if early in the season, it's disturbing!

_ Not at all, potato, you are not! Our problem, on the contrary, it is that we have too many players! 

_ Ben, it is rather a good new, non?

_ Decidedly, potato, you will never understand anything about anything! Usually, when we lose a game, I have all found excuse: we were missing players, if the appointed incumbents had been there, we would have won easily, blablabla. But then, potato, how I do to justify our defeats before the sponsors? The anniversary year of the 20th anniversary of the club? It is unthinkable, you hear? «UNTHINKABLE!

Friday, October 2, HQ of Vandoeuvre failures

"Chief, Chief, was a last minute tile! Jean T is floored by a nasty virus, package for Sunday!

_ Ah, but this is excellent news, ca! Now I will be able to explain the defeat of Vandoeuvre V R1… ".

Interclub 2015 2016 R1 009

Sunday, October 4, the Charmois Castle oblivion

Vandoeuvre III N4: with a team like this, the defeat is prohibited. In addition, I play not.

Discovering the scoresheet, the Stan Nancy make a funny face. Especially the friend Yann, who officiates at 8th Board, and which was prepared against me: he will face Malika. That itself, seeing Yann, made a funny face: she thought having a girl for opponent.

Malika, precisely, did not survive the opening. But our strategist managed to move a tower into enemy fortifications. What is the charm of our women who did crack Yann? Is the vice-president of Stanislas Echecs was the first to leave the arena (and the Queen).

JAMA had listened with Christophe during Friday. Noting that two pieces of his young opponent were not playing, the more om the Vandoperiens decided to do like Bobby: get rid of the superfluous by sacrificing a piece and a tower. Vandoeuvre doubled the implementation.

Interclub 2015 2016 R1 010And 1, 2 and 3-0: Jean-Christophe was in turn its purpose, imitated some time after by new recruit, Manu.

Maya had also sacrifices cravings. He cheerfully sent fire Tower and the cavalry took the opposing Lady à la hussarde, and victoriously concluded a Masterful attack, unless it is the reverse.

Who said that opposite colors crazy finals are always zero? Not John in any case, to convert his extra pawn to victory, with the help it is true of his unfortunate opponent.

Frédéric in gentleman having conceded the point of politeness, he remained so more that Alain, about whom the opinion allowed (by whom?) shared the view that he was going to lose. But by one of these reversals which he has the secret (it is also so that I am unable to tell you how he did), Alain was victorious, bringing the final score to 7-1. A score that might almost be called fischerien∗, but be careful: as Svidler it has experienced recently at his expense, there are often far from the Cup to the lips.

(∗ in 1971, when the tournament of the candidates, Bobby Fischer defeated Taimanov and Larsen 6-0 )

Interclub 2015 2016 R1 018

Sunday, October 4, room of the castle of the Charmois

Vandoeuvre V N4, against the postmen of the ASPTT Metz in the room from the 2nd floor so, as befits the team in which evolves our beloved president (I recall for jealous).

As JAMA, Garcia had just listened to the course of Friday, Christophe. He began by sacrificing a pawn, and then a second, for compensation that were still to be discovered. Then two more, to not be put down. Taking water from all sides, it prefera leave the ship before the sinking.

Snatched from his laptop, the FIDE rules require, Juliette languished at sight of eye. Fortunately, his agony lasted not thoughtless manner, and she was able to recover quickly enough its precious. Our young student of Terminal took his defeat with philosophy, his favorite subject.


Interclub 2015 2016 R1 014

Seeing the first three kamikaze shots of his opponent (d4/e3/c3), Christophe N remembered sharply the part of Bobby studied Friday: he decided to advance the pawn one more square d, trucking his East-Indian fetish against a Grunfeld. Well took it: victory clear and free of burrs, and a point for us.

After reciting the theoretical outline of Gambit Lady, my opponent suddenly decided to send its roque pawns to the onslaught of my walls. But to play too aggressively, you eventually discover. The opposing monarch unwisely ventured on a dangerous box, and the punishment did not wait: a sacrifice of jumper I opened the door to a mast in two unstoppable. As Spassky once, the postman messin applauds me standing (although this is not shown by all of the witnesses from the scene, there are petty people).

Interclub 2015 2016 R1 015Interclub 2015 2016 R1 016

Claude had also sacrificed a piece for 3 connected passed pawns. They approached inexorably promotion when suddenly our player-referee remembered that Christophe had explained during his course that Fischer often sacrificed the quality… which he did. Could not avoid an unstoppable mast, he abandoned.

At 3-2 against us, our salvation could come from table 1, where Alexandre P. equalised with courage in a difficult position. The captain instructions were clear: zero prohibited and mandatory feat. More person not listening me for a long time, our reporter took again his pen, he has very alert, but it was to sign its surrender.

Defeat 4-2, and only one team vandoperienne to lose… but it's not our fault, gentlemen-ladies: this is because Jean T. was sick!

Bonus: get the interclubs special hand!


Maya BoesLeft: white to play and win!by Talance - countdown

(Maya – Rémi Boes: 1-0)

Right: white matent in 3 shots!

(Captain potato – Christian Countdown: 1-0)





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